You don't need an education to recognize the Koran for what it is. Provided you have not been raised by Muslims of course. More precisely, you don't need it, because you already got it. Fortunately, most people raise their children well. This is not because they have received a formal education, but because they themselves were properly raised. Most people are conditioned to copy their parents' behavior without knowing it.

If you happen to be raised as a Muslim and you are reading this you may wonder why the author thinks you do not recognize the Koran for what it is. I think this is because you have been conditioned by it. *
It goes without saying of course that Muslims want the best for their children too.Here is a striking example of a Muslim couple who are totally surprised by the outcome of their efforts. They probably worked hard and spend good money to buy their daughter the best education they could afford.

* I do hope president Obama reads this. On the very small chance you are reading this, mister president, I suggest you postpone your golf game and take a closer look at my ideas of what the Koran is and how it works. You may get a better understanding of why it is you feel the Muslim call to prayer is the most beautiful sound in the world.