The Koran has been translated in many languages. The Muslims claim that only the Arabic version holds authority because these are the words of Allah himself dictated to Mohammad by the angel Gabriel.

Experts say a large percentage of the Muslims do not know what is in the Koran. This may be true, but this does not mean the Koran has no effect on those Muslims. Sounds and movements (made by the imam and other believers) can convey meaning and emotion much like actors and musicians can. Take for instance the opening theme of Jaws; it's very simple yet very powerful. The public has been prepped by clever marketing and though there is nothing scary to be seen the atmosphere of impending doom is unmistakable, especially in a crowded theater. Here is a fine example performed by the Boston Pops conducted by John Williams. Notice the laughter of the public at the beginning. I think it's nervous laughter; what is your diagnosis?

Especially children are very good at sensing emotion. It is a survival mechanism. They are copycats by nature because they have to learn what things can be eaten, what things are dangerous etc. by observing grownups. Some coping mechanisms are innate, the fear of snakes for instance, but most have to be learned. Humans have no innate fear of hippopotamus's yet this is one of the most dangerous animals on the planet. The fear is learned by experiencing the reaction of an adult to a confrontation with this animal. The upbringing of a young child is done primarily by emotions rather than by cognitions.