My conclusions

People who are conditioned by the Koran will never assimilate. The claim Islam is peaceful and tolerant is complete nonsense, on the contrary, (groups of) people whose emotions are conditioned by the Koran will have conflicts with neighboring groups. The Koran seems to have been designed to have this effect.

Islam is a threat.

- - -

Making people recite the Koran is conditioning, using normal, healthy fear-reflexes; one probably learned and two innate. In the case of children this is emotional abuse. This type of conditioning has been studied extensively by Pavlov, Skinner and many other scholars. The result of this conditioning is an emotional structure which prohibits (prevents) integration in- and peaceful coexistence with- non-Muslim societies.

Together with the content (cognitions) of the Koran this conditioning produces a dangerous multitude.

You can read an elaborate explanation of my, some say eccentric, ideas on what Islam actually is and why it is a threat here .

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